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Cabanatuan Buy and Sell Rules & Regulations Empty Cabanatuan Buy and Sell Rules & Regulations

Post  Administrator on Wed May 05, 2010 4:46 am

ADMINS AND MODS decisions are absolute and final. Do not dispute a decision publicly with staff members. Any posts found to be disputing decisions made by staff members will be removed. If you feel, however, that a decision is unjust or unfair, please contact an Administrator directly.
ADMINS AND MODS have all the right to warn you, if you have any problems, address a Moderator or an Admin. This is the best way to handle any problem as they are the ones who make changes around here.
Users may disagree with the staff members but this must not be aired in public because this tends to create negative feedbacks within the forums. You may PM the staff member in question to air your disagreements. This rule also applies to staff members.

We encourage everyone to use English.
The reason behind this is for the other non Filipino members to understand you.
Taglish / Tagalog is fine just don't overdo it.

We do not allow Bootleg Stuff discussion/sale/information.

Avoid OFF Topics
When posting a message, stay on topic as much as possible.
Off-topic posts should be labeled "OT" but SHOULD INCLUDE ON-TOPIC REPLY.
OFF-TOPIC is allowed at Chit-chat at the The Lounge Area Section.

DO NOT post 2 or more messages in a row on the same/other thread/categories.
DO NOT make the forum a chat thread too, make sure that your posts actually mean something.

Please be aware we DO NOT allow Multiple Account
If you are caught having more than one, all of your accounts will be banned automatically.

Proper netiquette is required for participation in Cabanatuan Bargain Forum.
Lashing out at other participants is strictly forbidden so NO FIGHTING.
Make sure your post makes sense and is on topic
Posts composed entirely of smileys and/or of Very short responses will be considered as spam.
Posts with very long quotes can be considered as spam.
If you think a thread or post is spam, please don't post a reply. Inform/report the Mods about it.
Consecutive posts. Posting consecutive replies on a single thread can be considered spamming.
If you forgot something in your previous post, use the edit button. You are allowed to edit your own posts for a certain time limit.
One-word and one-line replies are not allowed! Please do not spam the boards with replies like 'Hmmm', 'LOL', Huh??? What?; and the like.
Posting of emoticons is also considered spamming. Meaningless posts will be deleted without warning. If you're posting a one-line reply, make sure it contains at least five words to make a point.

• Reading abbreviated or shortened words or better known as text lingo can be irritating.
• Please remember to check your spelling, grammar and abbreviation to ensure that you get your message across.
• We have a handy edit feature, learn to use it.

If you strongly disagree or are upset over somebody's posting, simply respond by stating your point of view.
Do NOT criticize, censure or ridicule others for their beliefs, opinions or views.
Please also take INTO account the difficulty many people have in expressing their precise feelings and emotions in a written message.

Learn to use search tool before you create a new topic.
Mods have the right to lock or delete these kinds of topics.

Creating a thread. When you like to post something and ask for information or help, please try to give as much information as possible in order to make it easier for us to try to give you an answer.
Please only start a thread if you think it is worth discussing. Also make sure that the title says what the topic is about. The mods have the right to rename your thread to what they think is proper.
Posting a reply. Don't post for the sake of posting. If you have nothing important to say then it's better that you don't post a reply. Please try to stay on topic. Posts that are out of topic can be deleted/edited by mods at any time.
Quoting a post. Please quote only part of the post that you want to answer or discuss. DO NOT quote very long posts; you can delete part of the quote which will be irrelevant to your post.
Please don't quote super nested quotes.
When posting articles: songs, poems, stories, etc. from other sites, please state your sources (URLs), and do not try to pass them off as your own.

Mods have the right to delete any thread/post that violates any rules. DO NOT WHINE when your posts get locked/deleted. FOLLOW FORUM RULES!

HELP ME PLEASE! / I NEED HELP! / I have a question. / BIG problem! / NOOB needs help! / Problems / URGENT! / HELP ME PLEASE. / NEED HELP FAST. or ANYTHING like the above!
Please try to be as specific as possible in choosing a title for your post. This not only helps us to get an idea of the content, it also helps to find a topic faster which should result in quicker replies.

Avatars, profile, post or anywhere within Cabanatuan Bargain Forum that are sexual in nature are forbidden. Breast area, buttocks area, groin area or sexual organs, any private parts or alike should remain private. Brutal/morbid/gory images are also not allowed.

Limit your image size maximum of 640X480 only, bigger than that should post only as URL or LINK or thumbnail form of click to enlarge.

You are allowed up to one images/rows of Signature (Maximum Size is 450px X 100px)
Text signature is allowed up to two (2) lines.
No posting of Advertisement links on Signature unless you're one of the supporters on board.
Your signature can have a maximum total file size of 50kb only.

Advertisement of illicit sites, competitor forums, inappropriate websites, scamming sites, phishing sites, explicit forums is prohibited.
Members' Signature may be used to advertise a Blog or a Personal site or anything unrelated to this board, provided they do not conflict with the forum SIGNATURE rules

All advertisements posts are allowed in the Forum Classifieds Only Commercial Selling is allowed for site supporters only.
We DO NOT ALLOW Trading / Advertisement on Discussion board.
This includes any seller or anyone with a financial interest in or in a partnership with a company to promote their own product and services.
REPOSTING of ADS is allowed once every 5 days. This is to give chance to all members to show their ads on the 1st page.
Member are allowed to EDIT/ADD items (within 5 days) on their posted ADS so learn to Edit your post
All Advertisements posted on other Discussion Categories will be removed without notice and delete the post and given warning.
We reserve the right to edit any of your advertisements post. - For detailed info please refer to Cabanatuan Bargain Buy and Sell Guidelines.

Cabanatuan Bargain Admin/Mods reserves the right to edit, delete, or prune any and all Messages which, in its sole opinion, violates any of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.
Any user who feels that a Message is objectionable may request Cabanatuan Bargain Admin/Mods to delete said message by PM. Upon receipt of such a request, Cabanatuan Bargain will determine, in its sole opinion, if such deletion is necessary. If deemed necessary, Cabanatuan Bargain will make every effort to do so, within a reasonable period.
Cabanatuan Bargain is not responsible for any and all Messages expressed in the Cabanatuan Bargain Forum. Cabanatuan Bargain does not attempt to control or validate any comments or a recommendation provided by the participants and is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the Messages. Therefore, you bear the risk associated with, the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the Messages.
Information contained in the Cabanatuan Bargain Forum, including but not limited to those relating to law or medicine or other fields, is not intended to substitute for the advice or opinion of your own lawyer or physician or professional adviser. You agree not to rely solely on any of the advice or opinion expressed.

Cabanatuan Bargain and its moderators disclaim any and all responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, reliability, or operability or availability of information or material in the Cabanatuan Bargain Forum.
Cabanatuan Bargain and its moderators disclaim any responsibility for the deletion, failure to store, misdelivery, or untimely delivery of Messages.
Cabanatuan Bargain and its moderators disclaim any responsibility for any harm resulting from downloading or accessing any information or material through Cabanatuan Bargain Forum.
Cabanatuan Bargain and its moderators takes no responsibility for all transactions that takes place between consenting parties in the Buy & Sell Section. We DO NOT verify sellers or buyers and will not intercede on either the buyer or seller's behalf. We advise all members to use caution when conducting private transactions. Sellers has limited posting rights to some items and must agree to the Buy & Sell Section Disclaimer before posting. Also please note that chain letters, pyramid schemes, and solicitations are inappropriate on these forums and may be deleted immediately with no further explanation.

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